Workshops designed for your team.

At Lighthouse Force, we recognize that individuals and teams retain information by doing. That's why our workshops build in many hands-on exercises that apply and practice the material as it is presented. Teams working together learn not only how to use new techniques and practices, but also how to take it directly back to their jobs. All of our workshops are designed for direct application when the participants return to work. Team exercises are designed to match the audience that is represented.

Oh, and we also have fun! Humor helps in the learning process, and besides, we all need a good laugh.

Our workshops are perfect for...

Startups and Teams

We all know the competition is fierce, and startups require innovation and agility to survive. Small teams that train together take their learning back directly to their jobs.


Large groups will interact where teams will work together, crossing organizational boundaries and networking, which will be necessary for the end to end process of product and service delivery.


All levels of management will benefit to learn how to apply the principals directly with their peers as well as how to lead and support their staff in taking the risks and making the changes needed for success.

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