Business Critical Thinking

Business Critical Thinking

We are amid a new era, brought about by globalization and “fast-forward” technology advances, that is both unpredictable yet full of opportunity. Professionals in all areas will be increasingly challenged to become adaptable and react quickly and decisively within this changing business world. One skill experts agree will be essential for the worker of the future is critical thinking. Most professionals practice critical thinking on a regular basis, but not always in the methodical way needed to be most effective for the complex problems encountered.


This presentation will provide the structure needed around critical thinking to effectively resolve your problems. By learning and practicing these techniques, you will become more confident in your ability to solve your business problems: by learning to identify complex problem types, refining your problem statements, gathering information, experimenting, and controlling your biases. You will be able to apply these skills immediately to become more efficient in your work place.

What participants will learn

How to classify problem statements properly so they can be handled
Ways to stimulate your work teams to be more effective problem solvers
Tools for gathering information through inspection and questioning

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